8th Grade Supply List

4 Packages of Notebook Paper (one for each core class)
4 Packages of Pencils (one for each core class)
Pens (blue or black - Science)
1 Package of Red Pens (Communication Arts)
1 Small Package of Multi-Colored Construction Paper (Social Studies)
Glue Sticks (Social Studies and Communication Arts)
School Scissors (Social Studies)
(2) 2" 3 Ring Binders (Science and Math)
1 Package Graph Paper
1 Composition Notebook (Not Spiral, Science)
1 Pocket Folder (Social Studies)
1 Package Colored Pencils (Math/Social Studies)
T-I 30 Calculator (or similar) (Math, approx. $8.44 at Wal-Mart)
2 Boxes of Tissues