MVBT Curriculum

Director: Mrs. Tammy Heiney

District Priority Standards

Priority Standards are "a carefully selected subset of the total list of the grade-specific and course-specific standards within each content area that students must know and be able to do by the end of each school year in order to be prepared for the standards at the next grade level or course. Priority standards represent the assured student competencies that each teacher needs to help every student learn, and demonstrate proficiency in, by the end of the current grade or course" (Ainsworth, 2013, p. xv). The Mountain View-Birch Tree School District has prioritized standards for all subjects and grade levels. Prioritized standards were identified by vertical teams of teachers using a specific selection criteria consisting of endurance, leverage, readiness for the next learning level, and external or standardized exams.

Preschool Priority Standards

K-12 ELA Priority Standards

K-12 Math Priority Standards

K-12 Science Priority Standards

K-12 Social Studies Priority Standards

K-12 Guidance Counselor Priority Standards

K-12 Practical Arts Priority Standards

K-12 Physical Education and Health Priority Standards

K-12 Fine Arts Priority Standards

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