MVBT vision: two communities working together as one to develop caring and responsible citizens


Attendance Matters!

In order to reach their maximum potential, it's important that your child is at school all day, every school day!

Bus Safety

Encourage your child to demonstrate safe and appropriate behaviors on the school bus.

School Meal Prices

Breakfast: $1.50 Lunch: $2.50

Care to Learn

We have a Care to Learn Chapter at MVBT to help meet health, hunger, and hygiene needs of students.

Remediation program

Daily intervention periods for all students and After-school tutoring


Board of Education Appreciation Month

BOE Jen Foster

Thank you, Mrs. Foster!

Eric WElls

Thank you, Mr. Wells!

Shelly Mantel

Thank you, Mrs. Mantel!

Josh Roberts

-Thank you, Mr. Roberts!

Mikael Orchard

Thank you, Dr. Orchard!

Thank you, Mr. Tharp!

Bev Denton

Thank you, Mrs. Denton